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Actor : nitin
Actress : Bhavana
CAST : ,,,
Director :
Producer :
Genre :
Music By :
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Hero Movie Review

Hero movie review – a meaningless celluloid trash

The Cast and Crew Cast: Nitin, Bhavana, Brahmanandam, Nagababu, Kovai Sarala, Ramya Krishna and others Dialogues: Nivas Crew: hero cinima (More...)


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Hero Movie Audio – mp3 songs

Hero Movie Audio - mp3 songs (More...)

Nitin’s Hero releasing with 100 prints

Actor Nitin’s latest film Hero with Bhavana as heroine is produced by Manyam Ramesh under the banner of Manyam Entertainments. (More...)

Hero Movie Poster Designs

Hero Poster Designs, Nitin Hero Movie Wallpapers, Hero telugu Cinema Wallpapers (More...)

Hero Audio Released Photo Gallery

Hero Audio Released Photo Gallery, Hero Cinema Audio Released Photos (More...)
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his is one more film, where its makers think that a few songs, dances and fights should be composed first and the gaps to be filled with some scenes so that the film’s duration clocks 120 minutes.