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Life Is Beautiful Is Sekhar Kammula’s Costliest Film

The film Life Is Beautiful, which is hitting the marquee tomorrow, is Sekhar Kammula’s highest

Sudhir Mishra’s Next Film titled New New Delhi

National Film Award winning screenwriter and director Sudhir Mishra has given the title New

Shah Rukh Khan detained for 2 hrs at NY airport

Shah Rukh Khan, who arrived at New York to visit the Yale University, was

Zed lead interfaith-forum at Pulitzer winner newspaper completes 1 year

Religious statesman Rajan Zed coordinated “Faith Forum”, a highly popular one-of-a-kind weekly dialogue on religion

Rising India will reshape the world: US

The United States Deputy Secretary William Burns said that India’s rise will reshape

Pak nuclear weapons can be stolen by terrorists

The Atlantic and the National Journal reported that the US raid that killed al-Qaida chief

Yoga offered at many Christian universities in USA

Many Christian universities/colleges in USA have been offering yoga, according to reports. Pepperdine University in

“Universal Interreligious Harmony Award” for Hindu statesman Rajan Zed

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed was given “Universal Interreligious Harmony Award” in Nevada (USA) on August

FBI busts Pakistan’s ISI front in US

Pakistan’s infamous secret service agency the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is in the dock as the

Obama’s Democrats routed in US elections

President Obama’s Democratic Party has been routed in the US mid-term elections giving control of

US comedy show makes capital on Capitol Hill

Noted US comedy show host Stephen Colbert turned the US Congress

Ben Affleck scared of flying

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck has been scared of flying since the age of nine

Indian filmmaker Vijay Kumar leaves US

Indian documentary filmmaker Vijay Kumar, who was arrested and jailed in the

Gaga turns peacemaker at concert

Pop star Lady Gaga turned peacemaker for the day when she broke up a fight

Indian filmmaker set to return home after pleading guilty

An Mumbai-based documentary filmmaker is finally set to be released from