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Prakash met with an accident

Prakash met with an accident, Famous actor Prakash Raj’s car was waiting at a signal in Hyderabad

24 More Sent to Jail for Drunken Driving

Hyderabad, July 3 (INN): Different courts have sent as many as 24 people to jail for driving their vehicles in inebriated condition.

Secret Behind Rapists after Small kids!

Those who follow the news must be aghast at the increasing rape incidents not on teenagers and women but on small kids of around 4-6 yrs old who don’t even know how to pronounce words properly. After the dastardly act on Nirbhaya in Delhi Bus, after peoples huge outrage and protests, adamant Govt quickly promulgated […]

Pak Engineer Makes Car That Runs Only On Water

A Pakistani engineer has claimed to have built a water-kit to run vehicles on water.

Pollution on the rise in Hyderabad

Levels of air pollution in Hyderabad are shooting up rapidly because of the exponential rise in the number of vehicles.