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US President Barack Obama moves against out-sourcing

In his first address to the joint session of the US Congress, President Barack Obama said that he decided to

US Congress votes $ 700 Bn to bail out financial sector

The US Congress approved, with a vote of 263-171, a revised $ 700 billion plan to assist the tottering financial

US Congress approves N-Deal with India

The Indo-US nuclear deal, which has been given exemption by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Supply Group

US Senate panel approves Nuclear Deal

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday approved the US-India Nuclear Agreement by a 19-2 margin. The Senate panel

India gets NSG waiver, joins N-Club

After three days of deliberations at Vienna, the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) on Saturday granted India an essential waiver that

IAEA approves India safeguards pact

The Board of Governers of the UN nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today met in Vienna and approved