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Business Man Movie Review

Full length Mahesh Babu film, with complete Puri Jagannath mark. It can be comedy, action, emotion or sentiment, what not…..

Solo Movie Review

The Film My Goodness Gracious! What a movie? It is intellectually satisfying, soulfully soothing, touches

Sri Rama Rajyam Movie Review

Veteran director Bapu will direct Balakrishna in a film titled Sri Rama Rajyam. Ilaya Raja

Its My Love Story Movie Review

The Film Its My Love Story, touted as a unique love story, tells the age-old

7th Sense Movie Review

7th Sense has a wonderful premise of genetic memory and a profound theme

Pilla Zamindar Movie Review

The Film Pilla Zamindar is a thoroughly entertaining film with a forceful undercurrent of a

Oosaravelli Movie Review 1

Oosaravelli is an admixture of a typical love story, an archetypical saga of revenge and a prototypical tale of cops and dons.

Madatha Kaja Movie Review

The Film Madatha Kaja, a proclaimed comic flick, has an elaborate charade played out

Vachadu Gelichadu Movie Review

Vachadu Gelichadu Movie Review

Gambler Movie Review

Gambler is a slick presentation of a crime thriller where there is more crime and less thrills. The film unfortunately erases

Naaku O Loverundi Movie Review

The Film Naku O Loverundi appears to be a prejudiced attempt at spoofing the mainstream

Daggaraga Dooranga Movie Review

Daggaraga…Dooranga is based on the premise of an impossible coincidence and culminates in an improbable climax.

Kandireega Movie Review

Kandireega starring RAM and Hanika, directed by Debutant Santhosh Srinivas

Badrinath Movie Review

Stylish Star ‘Allu Arjun’ after debacle of experimental movie ‘Vedam’ came up with high

Veera Movie Review

  TweetShare Director Ramesh Varma who made his debut with “Ride” is making his second film