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Shiridi Sai Movie Review

Shirdi Sai Movie Review The Film Shiridi Sai directed by K Raghavendra Rao

Bejawada Movie Review

This film is an abomination of unnecessary ablutions in the name of cinematic art or perhaps, celluloid business

Vankay Fry Movie Review

Vankaya Fry is a pathetic attempt to make the audience laugh with a stale story packed loosely with insipid incidents.

Dookudu Movie Review

INTRO: Prince Mahesh babu’s Dookudu finally on screen under high expectations as his earlier flicks

Dhanam Movie Review

The Film Dhanam is the story of a girl trapped in the oldest profession and

1947 A Love Story Movie Review

1947 A Love Story…What a love story it is! …exquisitely crafted, splendidly structured and beautifully narrated.

Money Money More Money Movie Review

Money Money More Money is a feeble attempt to amuse the audience through a weak storyline that does not have

Urumi Movie Review

Urumi is a visual splendor; a celluloid celebration of an era buried in collective memory; it is a story that has a slice of history

Kandireega Movie Review 1

Kandireega is a pucca mass masala movie based strangely on the medieval premise that females like only

Mirapakaay Movie Review – Brahma Mahesh

Mirapakaay- My Take Mirapakaay Movie Review – Brahma Mahesh I’m not writing a usual

Mirapakay Movie Review By Chetan

Mirapakaya Movie Review Caption: Very Spicy… INTRO: Mr Bankable Ravi Teja

Mirapakaya Movie Review

Coming to the story Rishi (Ravi Teja) is an Inspector in Intelligence Bureau, joins a college in Hyderabad as Hindi lecturer

Saradaga Kasepu Movie Review

Saradaga Kasepu is a lively comic drama on the lines of The Importance

Saleem Telugu Movie Review

Manchu Vishnu Saleem Review, Ileana, Manchu Vishnu Vardhan, Mohanbabu,

Agyaat (Adavi) Movie Review

The Film Agyaat (Adavi in Telugu) is an adventure thriller and not exactly a supernatural