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Hindus express dismay at Hungary’s new religion law

Hindus have expressed dismay at Hungary’s new law on religion, which they said was a

Big B: Indian film industry is big example of national integration

amitabh bachchan, who stars in Aarakshan along with Saif Ali Khan, Manoj Bajpai,deepika padukone, Pratieik Babbar and Tanvi Azmi, says that there is no Aaraksha


Nothing is more paramount than HEALTH in the collective human mind. Every human being,

Dancer Mallika Sarabhai to fight bigotry

Danseuse and social activist Mallika Sarabhai, coming from a society which is grappling with issues


A favourite story, that always makes the rounds among the business consultants, is about a


I do not know whether Life itself has gone on a wrong track or not,

SARP 2 -SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy

The problem of Religion always was its stress on submissive subservience to blind Faith and


SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy which are considered as the


What should it take to shake us out of our slumber? The public property is

Shah Rukh Khan on terrorism

Shah Rukh Khan, speaking exclusively to Raj and Pablo for Love Bollywood Show on BBC Asian Network, said “I’ve tried

Diploma Course in Temple Management

Taking into consideration the need for temple management, a diploma course is being offered by Somnath Sanskrit University. The first

Chiranjeevi launches Prajarajyam party

In true cinematic style, Chiranjeevi launched his political party in Tirupathi in the presence of a large gathering attended by

BJP playing with religion again

As elections for some states fast approaching and national elections also not far away BJP is back to its usual

PM unfurls tricolor on 61st Independence Day

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Today unfurled the national flag at the Red Fort to celebrate the 61st Independence Day.

New guidelines by Regional Censor Board

In recent times several groups and organizations raised objections over the depiction of their caste, religion, profession and region.