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Political reps for Telangana meet in Delhi

The eight recognized political parties of Andhra Pradesh have finalized their representatives to attend the


Chandrababu Naidu had commanded the coalition partners till other day i.e. during BJP rule and humiliated many central

This election will be between YSR vs Ramoji

For almost three decades Ramoji commanded the state politics like a dictator. But the arrival YSR has changed his position

Dictatorial attitude of Communist Leadership

Not only in the state but everywhere in the world, the communist high command forcefully implements its agenda

Can Mr.Raghavulu tell the difference between Babu and YSR?

A few months back a ‘not much known weekly’ carried a news item on CPI (M) general secretary Raghavulu sarcastically

Narayana’ shock treatment to Raghuvulu and Naidu

Despite several attempts by TDP to corner support of the both the left groups in its efforts to form a

Congress sitting pretty cool

Both TDP and PRP leaving no stone unturned to have alliance with any one of the communist and Telangana parties.

Is ‘Mahakutami’ Ramoji brain child?

On Thursday YSR insinuated that media baron Ramoji and CPI (M) leader Raghavulu are behind the formation Mahakutami. He opinioned

For whose sake is the opposition uniting?

Now it is openly agreed truth that TDP alone can’t take on Congress in the state and all opposition parties,

CPI (M) to soften its stand on Telangana

Just two weeks back Raghavulu asserted that CPI (M) will not form an alliance with TDP if the later has