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Vidheyudu Movie Audio – mp3 songs

Vidheyudu Movie Audio – mp3 songs, Vidheyudu Movie Audio Songs

Vidheyudu Movie Release Photo Gallery

Vidheyudu Movie Release Photo Gallery

Rachana Malhotra’s debut in “Vidheyudu”

Rachana Malhotra, daughter of Bollywood producer-director Indra Kumar Malhotra, is making her

Prem Movies plan new film

The banner Prem Movies has the reputation of making films with innovative themes like Aa Naluguru and Vinayakudu. Producer Saritha

Vinayakudu photo gallery

Vinayakudu Photo Gallery, Vinayakudu Pictures, Vinayakudu telugu cinema Photos

Vinayakudu Audio – Mp3 Songs

Vinayakudu Movie Audio – Mp3 Songs


The film titled Vinayakudu, starring Krushnudu, Sonia and Poonam Kaur, is being produced by Saritha Patra under the banner of

Vinayakudu audio released

The audio of the film Vinayakudu had been released in Hyderabad at a function held by Adithya. The film’s music