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Hilton snubs old pal Kim Kardashian

London, Aug 16 :Socialite Paris Hilton, who once used to be good friends with actress

Astrology becomes popular with professionals

In spite of exhortations from rationalists that astrology is not a science at all, more and more doctors, scientists and

Big B is the Most Powerful Celebrity

Amitabh Bachchan, topped the list in a survey tracking India’s most powerful celebrities, Celeb Track study, with inputs from 6,000

Shilpa Shetty gets Rs 10 Cr for reality show

From the brink of declining popularity, Shilpa Shetty shot into instant worldwide fame, after she won the British TV reality

Producers Council to act against websites

There was a time when any news about films had to be known only through news papers and magazines. With

Lalu brand mangoes in Bihar

We have seen the Lalu brand of railways and heard Lalu brand of management lectures. Two years ago, Lalu