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Ravi Chopra’s Death fill B-town Celebs Grief, Sorrow

On Wednesday Filmmaker Ravi Chopra died at the age of 68 in Mumbai. Reportedly the ‘Baaghban’

Politicians Viists Ekkanna Madanna Temple


TDP, Cong Flood Fight

Even during the grave national calamity of Uttarakhand kind, politicians will never change. They clamor to draw political mileage out of it. TDP and Cong party representatives landed in Uttarakhand to oversee what they say relief efforts. However both Congress and TDP leaders almost came to blows at Dehradun airport on Wednesday to claim credit […]

Delhi On Fire After Five Year Old Raped

National Capital Delhi once again was shamed as a five year old kid was brutally raped and was tried to strangle to death by her neighbor.

Who are Cowards-Terrorists or Govt?

Whenever any bomb blast happens Govt officials and top politicians come out in open and in their media briefings sing the same tune that the country will not tolerate terrorism and they will be taught a fitting lesson. To the top of it they say country will not be cowed down by terrorists’ ‘Cowardly’ act. […]

Nation Remembers 26/11 Victims

Entire Nation remembered and paid floral tributes to 26/11 terror attack victims on its fourth anniversary. Entire Mumbai paused for few minutes to remember those 166 people who fell to the indiscriminate bullets of 10 terrorists during a 60-hour siege that began this day four years ago. Yesterday a peace walk was organised in Mumbai […]

Film on YSR Soon

Former Chief Minister YS.Rajesekhar Reddy not only changed the state politics but also influenced not

Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi Arrested And Jailed

Cartoonist Aseem Trivedi was on Monday remanded in 14-day judicial custody till September 24. He

Dalam Movie Deals With Hyderabad’s Underworld

The film titled is presently on the sets and is said to be dealing with

Criticism on Film Heroes and Politicians – An interesting comparision

Any new film release day is a festival like day for me and ofcourse for

Politicians reaction on Professor Jayashankar death

Politicians reaction on Professor Jayashankar death Politicians reaction on Professor Jayashankar death Politicians

Hasan Ali links with AP ex-CM and Chiranjeevi?

Hasan Ali who was involved in black money deals worth Rs 36,000 crore, dragged politicians from Andhra Pradesh into his net.

రాజకీయ నాయకుల వాళ్ల ఒరిగేదేమీ లేదు. ప్రజలే చర్చించుకొని తెలంగాణా పై నిర్ణయం తీసుకోవాలి.

రాష్ట్రం అగ్నిగుండం లా మండిపోతోంది. గత సంవత్సరంగా అభివృద్ధి పనులు పూర్తిగా ఆగిపోయాయి. రాజకీయాలు రాజ్యమేలుతున్నాయి. సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర కావాలి,

Double standards – AP Politicians

Anybody who watched the AP assembly proceedings on Friday will now understand why a separate

Division of AP inevitable – process of separation more important – By Danny

The issue of dividing Andhra Pradesh by creating a separate Telangana has now come to a finale stage.