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Pak Engineer Makes Car That Runs Only On Water

A Pakistani engineer has claimed to have built a water-kit to run vehicles on water.

Bharat bandh affects Film shooting

Bharat Bandh called to protest price hike in petroleum products affected film industry in Mumbai.

Budget 2010-2011: Income Tax relief

While presenting the Union Government general budget for 2010-11 today in parliament, Finance Minister

Solar power for all homes in Japan

Japan Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, aiming to take the lead in the fight against climate change, unveiled a long-term goal

Reliance Industries gas to cost $25 a barrel

India’s dependence on imported energy will come down by the end of this year as Reliance Industries starts producing natural

PM advocates thrift in governance

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recommended major cuts in ministerial expenses, particularly on air travel and all foreign travel, while Congress

BJP ruled states to cut taxes on fuel

Joining the race to cheer the common man in an election year, the BJP on Thursday directed its governments in