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DMK workers Attack Leader Khushboo House

Enraged DMK workers vented their anger on party spokerspwerson Khushboo’s house today. DMK workers were enraged at the comments against Party Leadership. Khushboo was advocating for consensus vote to choose Party’s next leader. The attack happened when today afternoon more than 50 unknown persons vandalised Khushboo’s residence at 1.30 PM. They shattering windows and vandalizing […]

Sting show on Chiranjeevi aired in local TV channels

A sting operation showing Chiranjeevi, President, Praia Rajyam Party discussing internal party matters with IT professionals comes soon after the

Sonia directs Congress to be ready for polls

Congress on Saturday decided to plunge into election mode, with party chief Sonia Gandhi directing senior leaders to draw up

Telugu Desam divided on Telangana issue

With only a week left for the crucial Telugu Desam meeting on Telangana, differences cropped up among party members on