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Madala Ravi Booked Under Nirbhaya Act

Madala Ravi, the low-time actor of Tollywood, who was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly harassing

Dr JP Trashes Govt. Move to Rescue Convicted Legislators

Legislators convicted of rape and murder in Nirbhaya-type cases in future will have the right to represent people if the Government amends the law to enable convicted persons to continue in office

Police Seek Custody of Rape Accused as GHYA Holds Protest

The Santosh Nagar Police will seek the custody of Satya Prakash Singh, the accused in the kidnap and rape case of a student

YSRCP hails Death Penalty in Nirbhaya Case

YSR Congress Party has joined the nation in hailing the death sentence slapped on all four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang rape case.

Secret Behind Rapists after Small kids!

Those who follow the news must be aghast at the increasing rape incidents not on teenagers and women but on small kids of around 4-6 yrs old who don’t even know how to pronounce words properly. After the dastardly act on Nirbhaya in Delhi Bus, after peoples huge outrage and protests, adamant Govt quickly promulgated […]

US Honors Nirbhaya

The heinous rape of 23yrs old para medico student in Delhi,stunned not only India but entire world. So on the eve of International Womens Day on 8th March, US decided to honor the girl,popularly known as Nirbhaya, posthumously.MICHELLE OBAMA and US Secretary of State John Kerry will be honoring the girl with with the Secretary […]

Lakshmi Rai To Replicate Nirbhaya

It is learnt that Filmmaker G.S. Venu is reportedly planning to make a film on

Chiranjeevi Pays Tribute to Nirbhaya Photo Gallery

Chiranjeevi Pays Tribute to Nirbhaya Photo Gallery