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Hindus ask Probe into Cancer Research Deaths in India

Hindus have questioned and urged a through probe into the ethical standards behind two major cancer studies on mostly poor women in India in which over 79 reportedly died. Reports suggest that these separate studies which are still continuing, funded by Gates Foundation and US National Cancer Institute, over the years monitored the progressing of […]

Mumbai Musical : Concern About Hindu Sentiments

Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Animation SKG has been working on a Bollywood style animation film

Sanskrit mantras opened Sparks City Council in Nevada

City Council of Sparks (Nevada, USA), incorporated in 1905, reverberated with Sanskrit mantras from ancient

Hindus ask Europe to address issue of stateless Gypsies urgently

Hindus want Europe to wake-up and do something concrete to improve the plight of stateless

Zed lead interfaith-forum at Pulitzer winner newspaper completes 1 year

Religious statesman Rajan Zed coordinated “Faith Forum”, a highly popular one-of-a-kind weekly dialogue on religion

Hindus urge Swiss churches to speak for abused children

Hindus have asked various religious groups in Switzerland to come out openly in support of

X-ray of Hindu Shiva statue surprised Amsterdam museum

Prestigious Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam recently X-rayed its thousand years old monumental Shiva-Nataraja statue as a

Various religions connect in dialogue in Nevada

herif A. Elfass, Jikai’ Phil Bryan, Teri Appleby, Rajan Zed, V. James Jeffery and

Help a child in education: Zed urges Hindus on Vasant Panchami

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, sending early Vasant Panchami greetings to about one billion Hindus of

City of Sparks issues Diwali proclamation

City of Sparks (Nevada, USA), incorporated in 1905, issued an official proclamation for Diwali, most

Hindus laud Bulgaria for Roma Integration Strategy

Hindus have applauded Bulgaria for adopting National Strategy for Integration of Roma in Bulgaria (2012-2020),

Religious statesman Zed opened “Palettes of Bhopal” art exhibition in Jaipur

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed was the “Guest of Honour” at the inauguration of six-day exhibition

Hindu statesman Zed welcomed by Muslims at “Eid al-Adha” celebrations in Nevada

In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Muslims welcomed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed to their “Eid al-Adha”

Upset Hindus ask for removal of “inappropriate” Ganesha T-shirt designs

Perturbed Hindus have asked for the immediate removal of some Lord Ganesha T-shirt designs displayed

Hindus welcome Archbishop of Canterbury’s Diwali message

Hindus have applauded Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Douglas Williams for his Diwali message to