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Devi Sri Prasad Confirmed as Music Director for Gabbar Singh

It is confirmed now. Devi Sri Prasad is doing music for Pawan Kalyan- Harish Shankar film ‘ Gabbar

Harish Shankar Appreciates Ala Modalaindi and Nandini Reddy

Rarely do we find people who appreciate genuine talent and Mirapakaay director Harish Shankar is one among the lot.

Making of Mirapakaay Song Sets- An excellent display of art director’s talent

We enjoy songs on the screen and appreciate the sets that are laid out for the movie. We don’t realize how difficult it is to make a song and how difficult it is to lay the sets that make you happy

Is Harish Shankar emerging as the preferred stylish mass director in Telugu film industry?

With Mirapakaay emerging as the winner in the sankranthi race, one person who has emerged

Mirapakaya team in Tv9 Studio

Hero Ravi Teja and director Harish Shankar Mirapakay movie speaks on the movie and the highlights of the movie.

Mirapakaay Movie Review – Brahma Mahesh

Mirapakaay- My Take Mirapakaay Movie Review – Brahma Mahesh I’m not writing a usual

Mirapakay Movie Review By Chetan

Mirapakaya Movie Review Caption: Very Spicy… INTRO: Mr Bankable Ravi Teja

Mirapakaya Movie Review

Coming to the story Rishi (Ravi Teja) is an Inspector in Intelligence Bureau, joins a college in Hyderabad as Hindi lecturer

Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar Exclusive interview

Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar has completed 10 years of his journey as a lyric writer in Telugu Film Industry

RGV’s Appalraju gaining craze at box office

We all watch movies. We all criticize them. We all think we can do better

Mirapakaay Movie Producer Ramesh Puppala Exclusive Interview

Brahma Mahesh: Hello Ramesh garu. Congratulations on release of your first movie production Mirapakaya. Ramesh

Mirapakaya Movie Music Review

Mirapakaya Music Review (***) What do you expect from Mass Raja ‘Ravi Teja’? What do