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Posani Riding On High Tide

Never before this Posani Krishna Murali experienced this. Many earlier thought that he is ‘mental’ after watching his films like ‘Mental Krishna’

Posani’s new film a suspense thriller

Writer-actor-director Posani Krishna Murali’s next film is going to be suspense thriller which will be

Posani makes sense this time

Director, scriptwriter and actor Posani Krishna Murali is a very colourful and controversial character. He

Posani-mark film “Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu”

The name is enough to create sparks in the industry. Its Posani Krishna Murali, the

Mental Krishna 50 Days Function Photo Gallery

Mental Krishna 50 Days Function Photo Gallery, Mental Krishna 50days Function Stills

Posani’s film titled Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu

Posani Krishna Murali is making a film titled Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu which has the backdrop of contemporary politics. The shooting

Kalavaramaye Madilo launched

The film titled Kalavaramaye Madilo has been launched at Annapoorna Studios in Hyderabad on Thursday. This film is being produced

Mental Krishna turns into Political Krishna

Maverick writer-director-actor Posani Krishna Murali Today joined the Praja Rajyam Party in the presence of its president Chiranjeevi. In an

Mental Krishna Telugu Movie

Mental Krishna is a celluloid absurdity bordering on unbridled perversity and sinking to the depths of stinking vulgarity.

Tollywood new releases on New Year’s Day

The film world the world over has a tradition of releasing new films just a day or two before

Mental Krishna Trailers

Mental Krishna Photo Gallery Mental Krishna Poster Designs Sathya Krishna Photo Gallery Mental Krishana Movie Trailer

Ashta Chamma Swathi in the news again

The Colours anchor Swathi, who made a swashbuckling debut with the film Ashta Chamma is now in the news again.

Mental Krishna in censor trouble

The film Mental Krishna made by the maverick writer-actor-director is said to have run into censor trouble. Though this film,

Posani s next film titled Operation Dussasana

The maverick writer turned director cum actor Posani Krishnamurali has completed his latest venture Mental Krishna which is due for

Mental Krishna arriving this month

If Ram Gopal Varma is called a maverick director, how should Posani Krishnamurali be called? He seems to have solved