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Sakshi in RGV’s Appalaraju

Ram Gopal Varma is directing the film Katha Screenplay Darsakathvam: Appal Raju with Sunil and

Veturi Sundararama Murthi is No More

The lyrics and the literature behind those beautiful words and pleasing sounds, the landmark products

Mani Sarma to make film with Varun

Mani Sarma is one of the most popular and well known music directors in Tollywood. He will soon don

Suman Productions “Usha Parinayam”

Produced and directed by Suman, son of Ramoji Rao, the film “Usha Parinayam

Rock On and Chamku releasing on August 29

Two of the most awaited Hindi films, Rock On and Chamku, are releasing on August 29. These two films belong

Maa Aayana Chanti Pillodu set to release on July 19

The film titled Maa Aayana Chanti Pillodu, starring Sivaji, Meera Jasmine and Sangeeta, is being produced by Bekkam Venugopal under

Ullasamga..Uthsahamga arriving on July 18

The film Ullasamga..Uthsahamga, jointly produced by BP Somu and GS Ranganath is releasing in theatres on July 18 through