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Nag Expands His Kingdom In Vizag

Akkineni Nagarjuna has campaigned for Congress Party under YSR’s rule and also supported JP’s LokSatta in the past.

Lok Satta Party emerging as a strong force

To the discomfiture of mainstream political parties, four-year old

Parties taking back seat

The overwhelming response to Loksatta candidates in the urban segments and huge cross voting across the state during this election

Can Mr.Raghavulu tell the difference between Babu and YSR?

A few months back a ‘not much known weekly’ carried a news item on CPI (M) general secretary Raghavulu sarcastically

Do elections have any meaning?

Gone are the days when elections were fought on the ideological lines, in the present scenario  money, muscle, caste, religion

Gali Brothers

When Telugu desam was ruling the state loksatta founder Jayaprakash narayan said A.P elections are costliest political affair in India.