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Change of times

In an article supposedly written by late JRD TATA in the ‘70s, the doyen of TATA group, it is stated

Dr Manmohan Singh to put reforms on fast track

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh would soon be taking up the issue of reforms and their implementation would be put

CPI (M) to soften its stand on Telangana

Just two weeks back Raghavulu asserted that CPI (M) will not form an alliance with TDP if the later has

PM advises Advani to change his astrologers

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s reply to the confidence motion was drowned by the shouts of the opposition members. He

Whoever wins in N-Deal game, India is the loser

At the time of taking support back to the Manmohan led UPA government left parties have one point agenda; Congress

Parliament meets today to seek trust vote

The Parliament meets today and the Prime Minister will introduce a one line motion seeking the confidence of the House

UPA to seek trust vote on July 22

The UPA government will seek a trial of strength in the Lok Sabha on July 22 . Congress chief Sonia

Left parties withdraw support to UPA government

The Left parties on Tuesday announced withdrawal of support to the UPA over the Indo-US nuclear deal. After an hour-long

Left parties to withdraw support to UPA on July 10

Left parties would submit their letter withdrawing support to the UPA government by July 10 over the nuclear deal to

Naidu tries to keep UNPA flock together

With the Samajwadi Party indicating that it may back the UPA over the nuclear deal, the Telugu Desam chief, N.

Speaker Somnath Chaterjee may quit

Once the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) pulls off from UPA over the India-US civil nuclear deal, it will ask

Support to Congress:Mulayam wants cabinet berths

The Samajwadi Party is moving closer to the Congress and the Shiv Sena is supporting the nuclear deal. After the

Manmohan Singh meets the President

In the backdrop of an unresolved logjam with the Left parties on the Indo-US nuclear deal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Will BJP support UPA on Indo-US N-Deal?

There are strong indications that the Bharatiya Janata Party could possibly come to the rescue of UPA in the event

UPA-Left committee on N-Deal to meet again

The UPA-Left committee on Indo-US nuclear deal on Wednesday completed discussions on various aspects of the agreement and decided to