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Andhra Pradesh tops in dowry harassment cases

Andhra Pradesh has earned the dubious distinction of being one among the top five states

Go…sip the Laws of Gossip

Gossip is understood as just an idle talk or rumour spreading, especially about the personal

Supreme Court wants prostitution legalized

The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday suggested to the Union Government to legalize prostitution

Slumdog Rubina’s Ma takes ex-hubby to task

While the entire world has been stunned at the sting operation carried by British news paper News of the World

National Investigating Agency being constituted

The Union Government on Monday approved a central anti-terror agency, the National Investigating Agency (NIA) and strengthened the relevant laws

The Laws of Gossip

The word gossip originates from god-sib, the godparent of one’s child or parent of one’s godchildren (”god-sibling”; compare the possible