News on : Komaram Puli

Pawan Kalyan Keen on Ropening his Komaram Puli Actress

Power Star Pawan Kalyan who is all set to kick start his ‘Gabbar Singh 2’ is keen on roping in his Komaram Puli

Overseas Market: Gabbar Singh joined $1Million Club

Power Star Pavan Kalyan starrer Gabbar Singh is ruling the box office in Overseas market too and joined $1Million club by crossing $1Million reported gross in US. Still it is running with decent collections in all major locations.

Pawan Kalyan’s Signature Clothing: Gabbar Denims

For the first time in Tollywood, a complete line of clothing autographed by Pawan Kalyan

Gabbar Singh goes to Switzerland to can songs

The unit of Gabbar Singh has flown to Europe where it will can two songs

Pawan Kalyan to seek Divine blessings for BO hit

Pawan Kalyan, whose last three films Komaram Puli, Teen Maar and Panja crashed at the

Manoj’s Mr Nokia is now Mr Nookayya

Leading mobile phone company, Nokia, has raised an objection to the use of its brand

Nikesha Patel to romance Kalyan Ram

Gujarathi girl Nikesha Patel who dazzled in Pawan Kalyan‘s Komaram Puli is all set to

Tollywood producer C Kalyan arrested

Tollywood producer C Kalyan has been arrested by AP CID in connection with his alleged

Producer Singanamala Ramesh arrested

Tollywood producer Singanamal Ramesh has been arrested in the wee hours of Friday at Chennai

Mega Family desparate on Badrinaath?

Mega Fans all around the world eagerly waiting for Allu Arjun’s Badrinaath release on June

Teen Maar title controversy

Pawan Kalyan’s latest movie Teen Maar is facing title controversy. Teen Maar founder Warangal Ravi

Vikram in Susi Ganesan’s tri-lingual

Vikram will star in a tri-lingual film (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi) to be directed by Susi Ganesan. The director-star duo have earlier made Mallanna (Kanthaswami in Tamil)

Pawan Kalyan movie with Vishnu Vardhan

After super flop of Komaram Puli, Pawan Kalyan is signing more films. Presently the actor is in South Africa

Orange release on November 26

Orange which is supposed to release on November 12 is finally confirmed November 26 as

Case filed against NTR’s Brindavanam

Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja title judgment is expected to come just a day before its release; an advocate has