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AP Congress: Kiran Kumar Vs Kesava Rao

CWC member and MP K. Kesava Rao convened a meeting of Congress MLAs, MLC

Khushiga and Orange cameramen changed

Pawan Kalyan’s Khushiga and Ramcharan’s Orange cinematographers changed. Binod Pradhan was announced for Pawan’s

Samantha now charges Rs 75 lakhs

Tollywood is a queer place where success has a sentimental angel and once an actor

Siddharth signed up by Sathyam Cinemas

A bilingual film in Tamil and Telugu with Siddharth as hero is being produced by

Ram Charan Teja’s “Orange” in Oz

Ram Charan Tej’s film tentatively titled “Orange” commenced its new 30 day schedule of shooting

Ram Charan Tej’s film starts on October 21

Ram Charan Tej had a reasonable success with his debut film “Chirutha” directed by Puri