News on : Katha Screenplay Darshakatvam Appalraju

KSD Appalraju to compete with World Cup

Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalaraju once again postponed. Latest date is Feb 18.

KSD Appalraju coming on Feb 10

So far films on Telangana related subject did not fare too well at the box-office.

Sunil demands Rs 3 crore per movie!

Hero turned comedian Sunil is in much demand these days. His second movie as

Idlebrain Jeevi rubs salt into RGV’s wound!

“May be it will give you enough material to come up with Rakta Charitra 3,” replied Idlebrain Jeevi

Ravi Teja in KSD Appalaraju

It appears that Ram Gopal Varma has special respect for actor Ravi Teja. In

Ram Gopal Varma to tear apart top heroes

Ram Gopal Varma’s movie Katha Screenplay Darshakatvam Appalraju with Sunil as hero will be a

Sunil, father of two now

Comedian turned hero Sunil is blessed with baby boy. Sunil had already got a