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Priyadarshan: I Make Two Kinds Of Films; One For The Critics, Other For The Masses

Prolific director Priyadarshan, who in a span of 28 years made 86 films in Malayalam,

Priyadarshan simultaneously shooting 3 films

National Film Award winning film maker Priyadarshan has made around 80 films in Malayalam, Tamil,

Priyadarshan should stop making comedies: Ajay Devgn

Versatile Priyadarshan should move away from comedies and focus on other genres

Neelam Katara lends support to film on honour killing

Neelam Katara, whose son Nitish Katara was a victim of honour killing

Ajay Devgan in Priyadarshan’s comedy film

Malayalam director Priyadarshan makes award winning films like “Kanchivaram” and “Kala Pani” and makes a