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USA elects a new President Today

The battle-lines for the United States presidency are drawn. The world’s most powerful nation is going to polls today.

Obama’s lead over McCain narrowing down

Democratic Party presumptive presidential nominee, Barack Obama’s tour of Iraq and Afghanistan last month has failed to change public perceptions

Obama takes two digit lead over McCain

A new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll shows that the presumptive Democratic party Presidential nominee, Barack Obama has taken a double-digit

Indian-Americans in Obama campaign team

Hari Sevugan, Indian-American lawyer-turned communication professional, has been roped in by the Barack Obama campaign to handle the media

Barack Obama gets Al Gore’s support

Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barack Obama picked up the endorsement of Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al Gore, one

India favours Barack Obama : survey

The 24-country, 24000-people survey conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project broadly confirmed the continuing positive view of the United

Hillary wins Puerto Rico, but Obama closer to target

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nominating contest in Puerto Rico on Sunday, but still far away from the front-runner Barack

Barack Obama may visit Iraq

Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama is considering visiting American troops in Iraq this summer but has declined an invitation from

Bobby Jindal may be Republican VP nominee

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will be spending the Memorial Day weekend at Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s ranch in Arizona.

Clinton wins, but Obama still leads

US media projected that Clinton might win the first of two Democratic nominating tests in Kentucky on Tuesday, but rival