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Various religions connect in dialogue in Nevada

herif A. Elfass, Jikai’ Phil Bryan, Teri Appleby, Rajan Zed, V. James Jeffery and

US report: Pak schools teach hatred of Hindus

The content of school text books in schools in Pakistan is written in such

SARP 2 -SARP is an acronym for Science, Art, Religion and Philosophy

The problem of Religion always was its stress on submissive subservience to blind Faith and

Michael Jackson on death bed

The first American-African pop singer Michael Jackson is reported to be hospitalized with serious lung ailment connected with Alpha-1 Anti-Tripsin

Shah Rukh Khan on terrorism

Shah Rukh Khan, speaking exclusively to Raj and Pablo for Love Bollywood Show on BBC Asian Network, said “I’ve tried

Salman Khan’s take on terrorism

Salman Khan was in Greece shooting for a film when the Mumbai terror attacks took place. On his return, he spoke about terrorism and his views on it. Check out this video

ShahRukh Khan lashes out against terrorism

In an interview to a TV channel, Shah Rukh Khan launched a scathing attack on Islamic clerics who

Pakistan worried about Indian adventurism

In Pakistan the political leadership has gone into overdrive to clear its name after India linked it to the terror

Michael Jackson converts to Islam

Noted pop singer Michael Jackson has converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel. The 50-year-old star pledged his

Has qattal replaced Jihad for terrorists?

After decades of bloodbath in the name of jihad or holy war, terrorists are changing gear and indulging in qattal