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India 2nd In Education Related Google Searches

Google India recently made a study on ‘students on the web’, and found that India

Hyderabad consultants in US Tri-Valley University fraud

After the US authorities closed down the Tri-Valley University on charges of immigration fraud and

Update: ATA assistance to Tri- Valley Students

Ever since the tri-valley “sham” broke out, ATA has been working actively with Legal experts to provide the necessary legal guidance

Australian racists continue attacks

It seems the Australian government fails to control the racist attacks on Indian students. Recently, three unidentified persons have attacked an Indian student

Massive protest by Indians in Australia against attacks

Indian students in Australia turned out in thousands in Melbourne to protest against the racial

Racial attacks: Amitabh Bachchan rejects Australian Doctorate

The reigning Indian icon Amitabh Bachchan rejected the offer of an Australian University to confer on him an honorary doctorate in the wake of racial attacks on Indian students

A record 94,563 Indian students in the US

In spite of the global meltdown and homicide against Indian students, an American degree is still the dream of many

Oxford University rates Indians as best students

Chancellor of the Oxford University, Chris Patten considers Indian students among the best in the world and would like more