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10 unseen vintage photos of 1947

10 unseen vintage photos of 1947

Independence Day Celebrates 2013 Photo Gallery


Aamir Khan Is Related To Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (1888 — 1958) was an Indian Muslim scholar and a

Milkshake named after Koyna Mitra

Imagine sipping Koyna Mitra. Sounds weird? A milkshake named after Bengal bombshell Koyna

Get rid of social evils for independent India: TV stars

Every time the word ‘independence’ is uttered, it brings back memories of India

Shashi Tharoor quotes Raja Karthikeya

Address by Shashi Tharoor, when he was the union minister of state of external affairs,

Jaswant Singh expelled from BJP

ex-minister Jaswant Singh from the primary membership of the party in view of his comments on Jinnah and his criticism of Sardar Patel in his

Deepa Mehta to film Midnight’s Children

India-born author Salman Rushdie and Indian Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta will collaborate to produce a movie based on his prize

Sean Connery to launch his autobiography

Sean Connery is well known for his portrayal of James Bond. He also starred in Indiana Jones and the

PM unfurls tricolor on 61st Independence Day

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Today unfurled the national flag at the Red Fort to celebrate the 61st Independence Day.