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Bipasha Basu’s mantra to stay fit

Bollywood diva Bipasha Basu, known to be fit and healthy, shares some simple fitness tips.

Tips to boost energy levels

With the modern day hectic life style, many people cannot afford to be tired. Therefore,

Regular eye-care for eye health

It is necessary to follow a regular eye-care routine to maintain eye health and

Never use antibiotics to treat cold

Normally every person catches a cold on an average of two to four times a

Dieting may impair your brain

People undertake severe dieting to reduce weight but too few calories can also impair brain

Zumba: Music fitness routine of celebs

Zumba, an aerobic dance fitness routine set to South American beats, is a Latin dance-inspired

Meditate to reduce stress

The amount of stress a person feels has a direct effect on his/her condition of

Too much Fruit Juice bad for health

Fruit juice has always been recommended as a healthy food. But researcher Hans-Peter Kubis, of

Actor Akshay Kumar’s advice for fitness

Actor Akshay Kumar is very fit and has one of the best bodies in Bollywood.

Guidelines for Healthy eating

Eating and dietary habits are essential in keeping good health. The following tips on healthy

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Jovial people are always healthy. Negative feelings and emotions have a way of disturbing the

Peace of Mind is key to Good Health

Most of the time almost all of us are in a state of perpetual restlessness without any peace of mind. This situation causes worry

Size Zero is an unhealthy fad

Bollywood heroine Kareena Kapoor sparked the craze for size zero after she reportedly lost eight kilos to acquire a bikini body for Tashan in 2007.

Exercise-diet combo prevents Diabetes

It has now been proved scientifically that a judicious combination of exercise and diet can can prevent diabetes.

Climb Stairs to stay Fit

In view of the mounting pressures of work, many people complain that they are unable