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Flatulence: Moga’s film Padduram on IBS problem

Cinema being a powerful medium of mass communication, debutant director Ajay Moga is making a

Should we drink boiled milk, or not?

A very pertinent question is: why do you boil milk? The answer is:Some do it

The 3 pillars of Good Health

Ayurveda says that the holistic wellbeing of human beings is fundamentally sustained on

Breathe properly for good health

Ancient Indian practices of Ayurveda and Yoga have emphasized that proper breathing is the key

What to eat to reduce stress

Experts have recognized that certain food items can actually help reduce stress in our bodies.

Beware of chronic stress

Human body has its own system of managing temporary stress through biochemical responses or release

Herbal massage alleviates body pains

Massaging the body with a luke-warm herbal soother (known as Kizhi in Kerala Ayurveda)

Sarah Jane Dias fitness regime

Sarah Jane Dias, model and who will be seen with Pawan Kalyan in his forthcoming

Tips to boost energy levels

With the modern day hectic life style, many people cannot afford to be tired. Therefore,

Be Healthy with B-Vitamins

Vitamin B is known as the veritable powerhouse of the mind and body. A deficiency

Ragi porridge (Ambali) a healthy food

Ragi porridge is known as Ambali or Kanji in South India and is

Regular eye-care for eye health

It is necessary to follow a regular eye-care routine to maintain eye health and

Positive thinking gives happiness

Thinking positively gives positive vibes which in turn gives happiness and good health. Many experts

Turmeric cure for allergies

Turmeric is one of the best medicinal spices in the world. It is

Grape juice is beneficial to heart

Juice from red and purple grapes is beneficial to good health as it bestows cardiovascular