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Saif Ali Khan As Nehru In Gurinder Chadha’s Film

Gurinder Chadha, British film director of Indian origin, is making a film titled The Life

AR Rahman’s music for Monkeys of Mumbai

Hollywood’s Dream Works Animation is making a Bollywood type of animated musical adventure titled Monkeys

Mallika Sherawat adds glamour to Lakme Fashion Week

Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat lifted the spirits of the Lakme Fashion

Bollywood’s woman filmmakers call shots – and are heard

Bollywood, for long considered a male-dominated industry, is

Bollywood’s woman directors call shots – and are heard

By Robin Bansal New Delhi, Sep 10, Bollywood, for long considered a male-centric industry, is

Gurinder Chadha’s “It’s A Wonderful Afterlife”

The theme of marriage in most of Gurinder Chadha’s films is something that most Indians

The Slumdog effect: British filmmakers for Indian themes

The success of Slumdog Millionaire has inspired a number of British film makers to look

Gurinder Chadha’s It’s A Wonderful Afterlife

London based film maker Gurinder Chadha who enthralled the audience with films like Bride & Prejudice (2004) and Bend It

Aishwarya Rai is global face of Bollywood

Bipasha Basu had said that if there had been a face that was associated with the Indian film industry