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Chiru’s PRP to become Goud’s NTP

It’s official that Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party will work with the Congress party. For

Confusion rules state political parties

For the next few months a lot of surprises are stored for the public in Andhra Pradesh particularly in regard

Devender Goud launches Nava Telangana Praja Party

T. Devender Goud, who resigned from Telugu Desam, formally launched a political party, Nava Telangana Praja Party (NTPP) on July

Who is number two in Telugu desam now?

With exit of Devender goud from Telugu desam number two positions is vacant. Who will fill it? It is a

Babu asks partymen to Shut Up

The TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu is not at all happy at the way the senior leaders in the party