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Pawan Kalyan Joined Twitter

On Thursday on the special occasion of new year, Telugu actor cum politician joined Twiiter.

Breathe properly for good health

Ancient Indian practices of Ayurveda and Yoga have emphasized that proper breathing is the key

Positive thinking gives happiness

Thinking positively gives positive vibes which in turn gives happiness and good health. Many experts

Grape juice is beneficial to heart

Juice from red and purple grapes is beneficial to good health as it bestows cardiovascular

Guidelines for Healthy eating

Eating and dietary habits are essential in keeping good health. The following tips on healthy

Peace of Mind is key to Good Health

Most of the time almost all of us are in a state of perpetual restlessness without any peace of mind. This situation causes worry

Good Manners get Good Health

Research conducted by Dettol and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has found

Health-Tip: Walk-Jog

A morning walk is considered a very good exercise to keep fit and maintain good