News on : global meltdown

G-20 summit starts in London

The top 20 developed and fast growing economic nations, known as G-20 nations, have begun formal talks to redeem the

886 Eng colleges & 1,084 B-Schools to come up

Though the global meltdown reduced the aura of campus placements, the demand for starting professional institutions in

Prime Minister’s Global Advisory Council constituted

The Government of India on Tuesday announced the constitution of the Prime Minister’s Global Advisory Council which will serve as

Bernard Madoff’s $50bn fraud hits banks

Even before the world’s biggest banks could recover from the crisis of the global meltdown, they have been hit by

Assembly Poll score: Congress 3, BJP 2

Described as mini general elections, the polls held in five states have given a split result. With rising inflation (

Manmohan Singh to meet Corporate Chiefs

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has convened a meeting of top corporate leaders and leading industry associations in New Delhi on

Sensex gains 743 points

Stock markets staged a come back on Friday with the benchmark Sensex closing higher by 743.55 points on brisk buying