News on : Ganesh Immersion

Ganesh Immersion 2014 Photo Gallery

Ganesh Immersion 2014 Photo Gallery

27-year-old killed in Train Accident

A 27-year-old man died after falling from a running train while he was returning home after watching Ganesh immersion at Tank Bund on Sept 18.

Student Committed Suicide for not Allowing him to go Tank Bund

A 18-year-old student committed suicide after his father not allowed him to go Tank Bund to see the Ganesh immersion on Sept 18 in Santoshnagar Police limits.

Ganesh procession Passes off Peacefully

Amidst unprecedented security and heavy rains, the final Ganesh immersion procession passed off peacefully

Balapur Laddu Auction Fetches Rs 9.26 Lakh

The famous Balapur Ganesh laddu fetched a whopping Rs 9.26 lakh in the open auction held before the start of final Ganesh immersion procession here on Wednesday

27-year-Old Got Electrocuted While Dancing in Ganesh Immersion Procession

A 27-year-old died when he got electrocuted, while he was dancing in the procession of Ganesh immersion in Mahankali Police limits.

Nakabandi Conducted in Cyberabad on the Eve of Ganesh Immersion

All wings of Cyberabad Commissionerate of 5,000 police and above 2,000 force which has come from outside for Bandobust, conducted simultaneously

Closure of Wine Shops from Sept 17 to 19: C V Anand

Toddy & Wine Shops, including Bars and Restaurants will be closed Sept 17th to 19 on account of Ganesh Immersion.