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Hrithik will write a book on fitness

Hrithik will write a book on fitness, Bollywood Superstar Hrithik Roshan’s passion for fitness is known to everyone. If we go by the reports then they say that the actor has decided to take his passion forward and is ready to pen down his thoughts on fitness.

Bips Turns To Fitness Trainer

Bips Turns To Fitness Trainer

Genelia’s diet routine

Genelia D’Souza eats every two hours so the need to snack doesn’t arise. She is

Bipasha Basu’s mantra to stay fit

Bollywood diva Bipasha Basu, known to be fit and healthy, shares some simple fitness tips.

Climb Stairs to stay Fit

In view of the mounting pressures of work, many people complain that they are unable

Fitness fanatics are aggressive

London, Oct 17 (IANS) Fitness fanatics are more likely to be aggressive, dominant and highly

Jane Fonda’s new workout for the elderly

Veteran actress and fitness expert Jane Fonda has released two new exercise videos

Dance away to stay fit

It is true. Dancing is the best way to stay fit. It works better than all other forms

I am not a gym freak – Priyanka Chopra

I am not a gym-freak, but do work out regularly to keep the body well-toned. The idea is to keep