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Union Govt Imposes Service Tax On Actor’s Fees

All film and TV actors have to pay 12.36 per cent service tax from July

GoI: No Tax on Long Term Savings

The Finance Ministry of the Government of India (GoI) has proposed exempting all long-term savings

Design a symbol for Indian rupee, win Rs 2.5 Lakh

The Government of India has decided to assign an internationally recognisable symbol to the Indian rupee, much like the US

Inflation touches double digits

Inflation on Friday shot up to a 13-year high of 11.05 per cent fuelled by rise in prices of petrol,

Inflation in India touches 8.75%

Inflation touched 8.75 per cent by May end, the highest during the UPA government’s tenure, mainly due to rising prices

Thirteen FDI proposals cleared

The government on Friday approved as many as 13 FDI proposals worth Rs 1,524.70 crore including one by steel major

Petrol price may be decontrolled

The government of India is believed to be considering decontrolling petrol prices, a move that may see rates being hiked