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It is Congress vs. rest

It seems Congress has gained upper hand in the second

The butchers of AP

Political leaders Pickpocketers Thieves Robbers Media barons of the AP state If a survey is undertaken among Telugu

The dubious role of Ramoji in TDP

Even today many believe that Ramoji is father-in-law to Balakrishan and that is why he supported NTR/TDP and

The other side of Telugu Newspapers

Media is a channel of information flow for citizens and a window for the public to look at the world

Etv Suman is no Samaritan

Though Suman ,the estranged son of the Media mogul Ramoji ,saying he led Etv in the path of success despite

Suman accuses Ramoji Rao as bad parent

Some months ago, there was news that Suman, son of media baron Ramoji Rao and head of ETV, had walked

No body wants to know the truth

For the last four days the entire media and all political parties have been engaged in blame games

Eenadu spies in Sakshi

In the past dropping some of his moles in the UDAYAM daily Ramoji successfully sabotaged the prospectus of Magunta family

Ramoji-Undavalli war

During BJP rule the de facto PM Advani personally called on him at the latter’ film city, many M.Ps from

Telugu people need a news paper

Both ENADU and ANDHRA JYOTHI (nicknamed as ‘AA RENDU PATRHIKALU’ by Congress and a few sections of the public) now

Chandrababu Nayudu ayudha puja on dussehra

Menu of Ramoji troubles

Till YSR took over reins Ramoji is hotshot in the state politics. No one survived either in politics or in

Ramoji double dhamaka

For almost three decades Enadu ruled the roost in Telugu journalism and Ramoji is uncrowned king in Andhra Pradesh, even

Ramoji to support Chiranjeevi

The news is out; media baron Ramoji will take cudgels in support of mega star once the name of the

SAKSHI is loosing ground

If timely action not taken the Y.S.Jagan’ SAKSHI will slip to second place soon. It is natural people compare Sakshi