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APTRANSCO Expects to cross 500 MW Solar

In order to meet the future electricity requirements of consumers of all categories and to reduce the demand

Govt Of India Hikes Rail Fares

People can expect one thing from this impotent Govt. Only price hikes. Be it petrol, diesel, electricity, transportation charges and what not. Cong Govt which is ruling both State and Center this time decided to strike people hard by increasing rail fares.Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on Wednesday announced a fare hike that will take […]

Farah Gets Alien Characters To Promote Joker

Choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan has planned an out-of-box promotion for her upcoming home production Joker as

The Humanitarian Face of Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood’s top hotshot heroine, Kareena Kapoor, has a humanitarian face that many of her fans

Investments in IT Sector Decline in Andhra Pradesh

The IT sector is lagging behind electricity and manufacturing sectors in terms of attracting investment

534 Lok Sabha MPs cost Rs 855 Cr in 5 years

It is true. Politics is not a SERVICE anymore but a lucrative PROFESSION! Hereunder is

Refrigerators to run without electricity

Research has revealed that modern Refrigerators emit greenhouse gases called freons and as a result damage the environment. Now a

Unofficial Power Cut imposed in Andhra Pradesh

The AP Transco imposed an unofficial power supply cut for four hours daily from Sunday in all cities and