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Weight-loss treatment by drinking water:

Make a Successful Weight Loss Just By Drinking Water – Maybe the Easiest Weight Loss

Underground water in Varanasi contaminated with Uranium

A study conducted by G C Chowdhary, former Professor at the Geology Department of Banaras Hindu University and S K

Hyderabad drinking water polluted with E.coli

Hyderabad drinking water polluted with E.coliAfter the tragic Bholakpur contaminated drinking water incident when 9

Drinking water contaminated with sewage kills 5 in Hyderabad

Five people died and around 250 were hospitalized on Tuesday in Bholakpur, Hyderabad, after they consumed drinking water contaminated

Andhra Pradesh suffers from water shortage

Delayed monsoon, dried-up wells and water resources have led to severe drinking water crisis in several rural and urban areas