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Which actor Manoj has Targeted in his Dialogue?

Rocking starManchu Manoj’s new film ‘Current Theega’s teaser was released yesterday

Taapsi and Anushka opposite Ravi Teja

Mass Raja Ravi Teja’s new film titled Veera will be launched on August 27.

How To Write Effective Movie Script Dialogue

By Penny Penniston The dialogue scene you’re struggling with? Take the page, crumple it into

Namitha to act in Malayalam film

Namitha is very popular in Kerala and all her Tamil films run successfully there. Very early in her career, directors

PM unfurls tricolor on 61st Independence Day

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Today unfurled the national flag at the Red Fort to celebrate the 61st Independence Day.

John Abraham in Abbas Tyrewala’s next film

Abbas Tyrewala is a well known story, screenplay, dialogue and lyric writer. He wrote stories for films like Chupke Se

Prakash Raj – Ban to have little impact

Though it is announced that the telugu film industry is going to ban Prakash Raj for various kinds of

Big B’s Unforgettable Tour starts on July 18

The Unforgettable Tour is being unveiled on 18th July in Toronto and rehearsals for the tour have already begun in

Will Telangana become another Chhattisgarh?

With more and more ex-Maoists joining the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, will Telangana become another Maoist controlled Chhattisgarh, if statehood is