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Angelina Jolie gets honorary Bosnian citizenship

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been made an honorary citizen of Bosnia after drawing attention

Hindus-Buddhists-Jews-Atheists seek EU intervention in Hungary to restore religious equality

In a remarkable joint interfaith gesture, Hindus-Buddhists-Jews-Atheists want immediate intervention of European Union (EU) in

డబ్బెవరికి చేదు? నోట్లకు వోట్లు- మనకు ఇది కొత్తా?

Govt can’t confirm veracity of WikiLeaks documents: PM, PM’s statement in Lok Sabha on WikiLeaks, 2G Scam issue in parliament

Paid news, a deep-seated malaise

The practice of paid news is not a recent phenomenon. It was blatantly evident in


What should it take to shake us out of our slumber? The public property is

Alas, the Watch Dog became a boot-licking mongrel

Many of modern day votaries of democracy do seem to have been convinced that democracy is just going through the

Of Political Coverts, Cohorts, Converts and Turn-Coats

It was Aristotle who described man as a political animal. Now that the largest democracy in the world is going

Nepal is now a democratic Republic

The 601-member assembly of Nepal met at the Birendra International Convention Centre on Wednesday evening where a motion was