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20 Factors That Made Eega A Super Duper Hit

Having been in the occupation of writing film reviews, I consider that the following 20

Managing the BOSS

Over the years, the meaning of the word Boss transformed into referring to a un-understanding

The Bullock Cart

Once, into the class room, he came Walked straight to the window frame ! Feet

Daydreaming makes the brain sharper

Daydreaming makes the brain sharperMost of the time people say

Dr Manmohan Singh: Beaurocrat to Aristocrat

It was PV Narasimharao, who pulled Dr Manmohan Singh into politics. When the former took over the reigns of governance,

10 Reasons why Dr YSR got a second Season

Except a few poll predictions, everyone has written off Dr YS Rajasekhar Reddy coming back

Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu Movie Review

Rajavari Chepala Cheruvu’ is the product or output of a wrongfully contrived mind that is so extremely pervert that its creator Posani Krishna

The worst web scandal videos of all time

After the advent of proliferation of online websites, interactive social

Is this the right time for a “National Government”?

Is this the right time for a “National GovernmentOn the

Kick Telugu Movie Review

Kick Telugu Movie Review The Film Kick derives its title from the ‘kick’

Comet Halley’s celestial Meteor shower

Comet Halley’s spectacular Eta Aquarids Meteor shower will be visible

Screenplay: Are there any Rules for this Game?

It is said that if you have Tact, and lots

Birth Flowers & Personality traits

Keep aside your zodiac signs and connected attitudes; birth numbers and numerological analysis; horoscopes and astrological assertions; tarot cards and

Be Beautiful like a CHILD

Being a child is entirely different from being childish. Often most children behave like mature adults and a majority

Will Sri Rama Navami 2009 bring cheer to BJP?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), once known as the political wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is a Hindu