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Pranab Mukherjee Sworn In As President Of India

Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia administered the oath to Pranab Mukherjee Today

Pranab Mukherjee Elected President of India

Pranab Mukherjee today became the 14th President of India, winning 69.3 per cent of the

New Supreme Court Chief Justice: SH Kapadia

Supreme Court Justice Sarosh Homi Kapadia has been appointed the new chief justice of India.

Rajya Sabha votes one-third quota for women

The Rajya Sabha on Tuesday voted to amend the Constitution to reserve one-third of seats

Does the CoI sanction sitting idle and getting doles?

Not being a narcissist, I was surprised by my sudden urge to look into the magic mirror. I was

Chiranjeevi’s party to be registered after public meeting

Chiranjeevi , who has announced his intention to launch a new political party, is yet to submit an application