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The Indian Connection Of The Dark Knight Rises

Maverick filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises has an Indian connection.

Ra.One poster looks like Batman poster!

Shah Rukh Khan has released the poster of his super hero film Ra.One on line

Tom Hardy to star in ‘Batman 3’

Hollywood actor Tom Hardy has reportedly signed on for the third Batman movie.

Eminem not starring in ‘360’

American rapper Eminem has not signed up for a serious acting turn in new

Cameron voted ‘most powerful man’ in film world

“Avatar” director James Cameron has been named the most powerful man

“Inception” tops North America box office

The Box-Office Top Five #1 “Inception” ($60.4 million) #2 “Despicable Me” ($32.7 million) #3 “The

The Dark Knight has 16 bloopers

The recently released Hollywood film The Dark Knight, sequel to Batman Begins, directed by Christopher Nolan has become one

The Dark Knight sets box office record

Nothing dark about Batman’s first night at the box office. According to distributor Warner Bros reports, The Dark Knight