News on : Chiru party

Can Mr.Raghavulu tell the difference between Babu and YSR?

A few months back a ‘not much known weekly’ carried a news item on CPI (M) general secretary Raghavulu sarcastically

Congress sitting pretty cool

Both TDP and PRP leaving no stone unturned to have alliance with any one of the communist and Telangana parties.

PRP seniors; a disappointed lot.

Many of the leaders who have joined Chiru camp leaving their parent parties, particularly TDP, are, it is heard, not

Internal problems for Chiru

Majority of Chiranjeevi’s fans are reportedly reluctant to rally behind new leaders as they claim that they are being neglected

Has Babu dropped some moles in Chiru party?

Are a lot of secretes of Chiru party already passed to Babu through them even before his own party people

Chiru party shooting on

Prior to the Tirupathi public meeting Chiru wants to throw a grand bash for the industry people to seek their

Suhasini to have major role in Chiru party

The yester year’s homely lady Suhasini is going to have major chunk in Chiru party. If reports from film nagar

Chiranjeevi playing safe politics

On Monday Chiranjeevi allowed dalith activist Kathi padama rao and dalith caste leader Karem Sivaji into his party folds, though

Congress to showcase women stars

Till yesterday Congress is desperately in need of silver screen charms to electrify its election campaign and today having its

Will the film industry stand by Chiru?

Nagababu is leaving no stone unturned to corner support of Telugu film fraternity for his brothers’ unnamed party. It is

More desertions from TDP

In a day or two one more senior leader from TDP joining unnamed Chiru party. Kurnool strong man Bhooma