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Hindi & Tamil films thrive on sports based themes

Tamil films and Bollywood are thriving on films based on sports. Those films are low budgeted and high budgeted, but

Venkat Prabhu goes to Goa

Director Venkat Prabhu has given back-to-back film hits with Chennai 600028 and Saroja. He has his own style of making

Sa-Ro-Ja is a suspense thriller

Sa-Ro-Ja which is due for release on September 5 is a suspense thriller that deals with the incidents that occur

3 Telugu movies releasing on September 5

Three Telugu films are slated for release on September 5 and all the three belong to different genres. Ankit, Pallavi

Saroja releasing on August 29 with 220 prints

Saroja, a bilingual film in Telugu and Tamil, is scheduled for a world-wide release on August 29. The makers are