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T-JAC calls for Telangana bandh Today

Protesting against the alleged police highhandedness on MPs and MLAs from the Telangana region

Million march is on

The massive chalo Hyderabad rally to be organized on March 10 is on JAC convener M Kodandaram said.

Chalo Hyderabad-Million March to be postponed?

The TRS and T-JAC have given a call for Chalo Hyderabad on March 10, when

Lok Sabha stalled by Telangana issue

The Lok Sabha was stalled and adjourned as TRS MPs K Chandrasekhar Rao and Vijayashanti

T-Stir: Rail Roko and Chalo Hydrabad

TRS and T-JAC has called for rail roko – Palle Palle Pattala Paiki – on March 1st aimed at bringing all trains running through Telangana region to a standstill.

T-stir: T-JAC to organise Chalo Hyderabad

The T-JAC and TRS are planning Chalo Hyderabad in the second week of March as