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Munni Malaika in Guinness Book of World Records

Munni Badnaam Hui Darling Tereliye an item song picuturised on Malaika
Arora in the movie Dabangg became a smash hit. Dabangg holds the
record for highest openings for any Bollywood movie.

Astrology becomes popular with professionals

In spite of exhortations from rationalists that astrology is not a science at all, more and more doctors, scientists and

Hero and Blade Babji releasing on October 24

With Teja’s Kayka scheduled to release on October 23, Nitin’s film hero has been rescheduled to release on October

The moral police of the underprivileged

Manda Krishna madiga can be called as ‘’man of the month ’’ in Andhra Pradesh. He successfully subjugated the mighty